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    My name is David Rosolko. I have been working as a Graphic Designer for over 20 years. I have held the exaulted positions of paste-up artist, Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Technical Illustrator, T-Shirt Decorator, Mac Production Artist, Multimedia Designer, Web Graphics Designer, Web Site/Page Designer, Calligrapher, Caricaturist, Cartoonist, Text Book Graphics Illustrator and Freelance Artist.

    I started out on a drafting board with an x-acto, a waxer and a stat camera. Now my tools of choice are a G4, a Wacom tablet and, of course, Photoshop. I still try to spend as much time as I can at the easel because that is where I would like to spend my blissful years of retirement. I only hope that God may grant me the stamina and energy to keep up with technology and software upgrades so as to keep me employed for the next 20-30 years.

    I have embraced the new technology and have become proficient and enthusiastic about Photoshop and Illustrator and the wonderful things they allow me to do. However I do occasionally let my mind wander back to a time when I didn't live in dread of when the next software upgrade would rear it's ugly bug-ridden head and force me to sell yet another body part to buy it and spend the next six months of nights and weekends learning how to use it.

    I still have the same drafting table I used in college. My brushes, pencils, pens, paints and papers have not changed much in the last 20 years. My first computer ( a Mac 7500), however, lasted only 3 years. Too little hard drive space left, too slow a processor, and a nasty but very satisfying slap sounded its death knell.

    I have come to a realization. With the exception of a few dalliances with bartending, cleaning offices and tarring roofs, artwork of some kind is all I have ever done; all I have ever wanted to do. So, I will do what I have to do to continue on in my profession. I will have many an occasion to drift off in a nostalgic revery or launch a tirade which quite possibly may outrage librarians three towns over. And yes I will learn to SAVE, SAVE SAVE!!

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